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I dance to create space. Space for connection, conversation, learning/unlearning, joy, play and kindness, sadness and loneliness, trusting instincts, physical spontaneity, beauty (of a non-conforming type). I dance to connect my humanness to the wider landscape, to notice the fluttering of the leaves, the rhythm of birdsong, the colours of the seasons, the journeys of past and future. I dance to place my body in sites where I am part of the more-than-human world. 

In my artistic practice, I am sensitive to the world and all that it contains; a consequence of dwelling in places filled with stillness and silence, but also a consequence of dwelling in I-don't-want-to-spend-time-here-but-have-to places. Space creates time for observing and sensing through my whole being. I dance to embody these experiences.

I am passionate about increasing the inclusivity and accessibility of dance, and so my work often engages with the local community and those who may not have regular access to dance because of where they live. I believe dance has the potential to be community-building by facilitating safe spaces that empower people to share their stories and embody their expressions. 

Melting into rocks


Poppy is an artist and dance maker, currently based between Northumberland and London, in England. Her work takes the form of a multi-disciplinary approach, encompassing movement, facilitation, writing and illustration, as she seeks to find a sense of place within the world in which we live. With a natural instinct drawing her back to outdoor environments, Poppy is intrigued by place and its exchange with people, tuning in to the relationships, reflections, and regeneration formed from this.

From a young age, Poppy trained in classical ballet, and has since found a love for contemporary and improvisation practices. Moving to London, she trained at the Royal Academy of Dance and has since had the pleasure of working with organisations including: One Dance UK, New Adventures (Overture Cohort), and Amici Dance Theatre Company. Poppy is currently pursuing an MFA in Dance and Embodied Practice at the University of Roehampton. During the programme, she has gained a deepening awareness in the body through somatic-based movement approaches, and has focused her research on site-specific dance and the human-land relationship. 

In a favourite place



Poppy Barnes


Dylan Paczay


Daisy Barnes


Carol, Daisy, Emma, Gary, Helen, Jane, Joyce, Scarlet, Charlie, Lily, and Pat.


Thank you to the Univeristy of Roehampton and the MFA Dance and Embodied Practice programme for making this project possible. A special mention to my course convenor and thesis tutor Heike Salzer for guiding the process, and sharing invaluable knowledge and creative wisdom throughout the two years.

Thank you to my peers and friends for showing me such kindness and support. To my cohort in particular, you have inspired me hugely and I hope we find ways to keep creating and dancing together.

Thank you to the local community members who took part in the workshops, trusting me in what may have been a step into the unknown - this project could not have happened in the same way without you!

As always, I am immensely grateful to my family for their love, care and continued support as I pursue my career in dance and the arts - I can't thank you enough. 

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