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Embodied Movement

What is embodiment?

An inner landscape of knowing.

Experiencing the body from the inside out,

rather than as a reaction to the outside world.

A conversation

with the present moment

through the mind and body

in connection with another.

An awareness of energy shifts

to return to our natural state

of flow




Poppy's career as a dance artist is integrated with her embodied approach to movement. She leads somatic-based movement workshops that help others to discover new approaches to creativity and understand themselves better through the mind-body connection. Sessions promote balance, harmony and ease, as well as a forming part of a wider community of people unlearning and relearning who we are as human beings. 

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Facilitated somatic workshops draw on yoga and embodied movement principals, focusing on how the body and mind can work in harmony to relieve stress. Through practical exercises and thoughtful discussions, we explore how mindfulness, movement and stillness can help us navigate the stresses that come with a modern lifestyle in today's fast-paced world.

Inner wisdom and spirituality are combined with creativity to develop self-empowerment that can then help us to be in the world in a present state.


Photo: Young Images Photography

Where possible, embodiment workshops take place outside to re-engage us with nature and directly connect to the environment we find ourselves in. A curated immersive experience, movement and stillness allows us to explore our relationship with the land, often working with key themes of memory, imagination, connection, and presence.

No prior experience is required to begin... 

Poppy's somatic workshop experience includes facilitating for:

- Royal Academy of Dance Member's Day (in-person and online to 500+ attendees)

- University of Roehampton (postgraduate level students)

- Age UK

- Create (arts charity)

- Local community groups in Northumberland

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