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Research for RiVER-BODY began long before I knew what the project would be. Investigating the creative process of people-environment-land through sensing, experiencing, and place-making has intrigued my artistic practice for several years. 

A Small Detail

Between the Art is a blog I started in lockdown, November 2020. A creative exploration between art and place, each month I post a conversation I have had with an artist, creative thinker, maker, doer, to understand how their creative practice connects to the ecology of land and how their artistic process plays a role in place-making through art. Although the blog covers artists of all disciplines, whilst researching and producing RiVER-BODY, I have talked to several dance artists who all engage in site-specific or site-responsive work:

Jenny Reeves (November 2022) - Jenny speaks of working and collaborating with local people and how to illuminate what is already part of the land from a different perspective through dance. 

Emma Dunn (March 2023) - Emma is a dance artist in Northumberland, who participated in the workshops for RiVER-BODY after talking with her about how our shared local land has influenced our dance practices.

Celeste Nazeli Snowber (April 2023) - Celeste's published books and literature have played a strong part in my research and creation process for this project; in particular, her explorations into the body as a portal to make connections between place, ecology, physicality and spirituality (2022: 89).

Anne Colvin (May 2023) - Anne's company Imprint has inspired several projects during my MFA as of their approach to making dance accessible through participatory performance work that connects wild environments with memories and stories.

RiVER-BODY feels like a continuation of my work as a dance artist, where I have been able to actualise ideas, in particular working with local people and bringing my dance practice back to my home county. Researching the concept 'sense of place' began when writing my undergraduate dissertation, and throughout my two-year MFA my practice-as-research has continued to focus on this through site-specific exploration and investigating the human-land connection through dance. I have chosen to base a few of my MFA projects in my homeland, almost as an act of relocating, to soften the disconnect between myself and the land, derived from a life lived in the city of London. These smaller projects allowed me to begin developing an embodied understanding of my own definition of sense of place and why I feel this most when in the forests and hills of Northumberland, which I have expanded upon during the creation of RiVER-BODY.

Rather than establish a definitive definition, through researching and creating RiVER-BODY I have come to the realisation that sense of place cannot be defined by one person's experiences, yet it is distinguished by an individual's lived experience of a particular place. The workshops for this project have made this apparent: the people and their memories are just as important as all of the sensory experiences of the place itself. Perception, connection and space are interwoven to form an ecological web of place. RiVER-BODY shares this understanding through my embodiment of my own sense of place found along the River Coquet, in connection with people of the community.

Throughout my research I have been engaging with nature-based, ecological writing, in particular the work of Robert MacFarlane, Robin Wall Kimmerer, and Nan Shepherd. Their work has enabled me to apply ecological thinking to my site-specific practice. Additionally, I have been inspired by artist Catriona Gallagher's work (who I also interviewed for Between the Art in 2021), specifically Fell (2021) created at VARC in Northumberland as part of their ENTWINED: Rural. Land. Lives. Art. programme (2019-2021), with the aim of art contributing to conversations about an ecology of place. Understanding the ecology of place allows me to see my artistic work as part of the larger whole


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